Selective non-catalytic reduction of NOx (SNCR)


2022-04-21 10:50

Process principle: The urea/ammonia water is injected into the area where the flue gas temperature is 850~1100℃ as a reducing agent, and the nitrogen oxides (NOX) in the flue gas are reduced to harmless nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O) The chemical reaction formula is: NO+CO(NH2)2+1/2O2→2N2+CO2+H2O Urea 4NH3+4NO+O2→4N2+6H2O Characteristics of ammonia water system: Denitrification efficiency is 35%~65% Construction investment cost Lower scope of application: Flue gas denitrification in small and medium boilers, cement plants, iron and steel plants, glass kilns, power plants, etc. Typical project: Luzhou Lanliang Cement Co., Ltd. 2000t/d clinker new dry process rotary kiln cement production line flue gas denitrification project (SNCR-ammonia)