Ammonia desulfurization


2022-04-21 10:50

Ammonia desulfurization 2017-03-3111:37:05 Source: Qingyuan Energy Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Process principle: Ammonia desulfurization is based on ammonia (waste ammonia), liquid ammonia (gas ammonia), urea, ammonium bicarbonate and other ammonia-containing substances as desulfurization The main by-product is nitrogen fertilizer, and the desulfurization facility does not produce secondary pollution. The basic technical principles are as follows:

The first step, the absorption process based on the reaction of SO2 and NH3 in aqueous solution:



Therefore, ammonia is used to remove SO2 in the exhaust gas to obtain an intermediate product of ammonium sulfite. The carrier of ammonia can be liquid ammonia (gas ammonia), ammonia water, ammonium bicarbonate, urea and other alkaline substances that can produce ammonia. In the second step, the forced oxidation process of ammonium sulfite is directly carried out by air:




This process is to oxidize the unstable ammonium sulfite that absorbs the intermediate product into stable ammonium sulfate to obtain ammonium sulfate fertilizer for agricultural use. Sulfuric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, etc. can also be used for acid hydrolysis of ammonium sulfite, and other products such as sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid, ammonium nitrate, and ammonium phosphate are by-produced.

System features: The desulfurization efficiency is high and can reach more than 98% stably. Turn waste into treasure, and the by-product of desulfurization is ammonium sulfate fertilizer. The system has closed-circuit circulation, and zero discharge of waste water. The absorbent contains no carbon and does not increase carbon dioxide emissions. The system flow is short, the operation is convenient, and the operation is reliable. The energy consumption of the system is low, only 50% of the limestone-gypsum method. Low operating costs and huge market potential for ammonium sulfate fertilizers. Scope of application: Coal-fired boilers, sintering flue gas, non-ferrous metal smelting flue gas in various industries. Typical projects: Anyang Yingde Gas Co., Ltd. Shenmu County Xinyuan Comprehensive Utilization Power Generation Co., Ltd.