Furnace desulfurization


2022-04-21 10:50

Process principle:

That is, the CaCO3 powder is sprayed into the furnace through pneumatic ash transport, and the CaCO3 is decomposed and calcined into CaO, which reacts with SO2 in the flue gas to generate CaSO4 and is discharged with the slag to achieve the purpose of desulfurization. The general desulfurization efficiency is 60% to 80%. Influencing factors: The best bed temperature is 850~900℃ The best particle size is 0.2~1.5mm The best Ca/S is 2~2.5 (the effect will be improved little after 4.5) Limestone quality Limestone feeding method Coal sulfur content rate System characteristics : Simple system and reliable operation Low desulfurization cost, low initial investment, low operation and maintenance cost The desulfurization product is in fly ash and bottom slag, and does not produce by-products such as gypsum with water, and there is no secondary pollution. Scope of application: Large, medium and small circulating fluidized bed boilers burning low-sulfur coal Typical projects: Sichuan Chuanmei Huarong Energy Co., Ltd. Gangue Power Plant 2×135MW Unit Flue Gas Desulfurization Project