Zinc oxide desulfurization


2022-04-21 10:50

Process principle:

Use the metallurgical industry's own zinc oxide dust for desulfurization, and recycle the desulfurization by-products.

Craft classification:

Oxidation process: This process uses air to force the oxidation of the desulfurized slurry to oxidize the desulfurized product to zinc sulfate. After purification, the zinc sulfate solution is used for electrolysis of metal zinc, or concentrated and crystallized to produce qualified zinc sulfate heptahydrate or zinc sulfate monohydrate products. Thermal decomposition process: this process is that the product after desulfurization mainly enters the sediment, and after the solid-liquid separation, the sediment is sent to a boiling furnace or a rotary kiln alone for thermal decomposition together with the zinc iron ore to produce high-concentration SO2 for acid production, and regenerate zinc oxide. 

Acid decomposition process: This process is to decompose the desulfurization product with acid or acid solution, and produce 10% to 15% SO2 gas for acid production; the zinc sulfate solution generated by the decomposition is purified and sent to electrolytic metal zinc. System features: This process has strong pertinence, and has great advantages for enterprises with their own zinc oxide dust, which can realize waste treatment and reuse. Scope of application: Non-ferrous industry and other enterprises with their own zinc oxide fume. Typical projects: Nandan County Jilang Indium Industry Co., Ltd. flue gas desulfurization project, Yunnan Jinding Zinc Industry Co., Ltd. 3×20t/h fluidized furnace flue gas desulfurization project